German Wine - An Experience Of Great Taste

You ask, what is the link between a world class highjump meeting and wine? This is the answer: In Eberstadt, Württemberg there is the annual Worldclass  Highjump Meeting, where the superstars in this sport are celebrating the last event of the season. The Olympic Gold Medal winners, they were here! This was last week from the 22nd to the 24th August 2014. The Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal are one of the main sponsors of this event.

I want to share some of the most emotional moments.

The winner of the women competition Irina Gordeeva celebrates her exciting 2,04m jump .... with sparkling wine from the Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal!

Mutaz got his prize award, great wine from the CEO of the Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal, Dirk Mosthaf.

The competition of the men won the Olympia Bronze Medal winner of 2012 Mutaz Essa Barshim with great 2,35m.

In Eberstadt, a new world record is celebrated with e very special ceremony. The successful athlete gets as many wine, as he weighs.
So let's look what Carlo Thränhardt got.

Carlo Thränhardt, a highjumper with a best jump over 2,42m in the 1980s broke the actual world record of men over 55 years old with sensational 1,87m!