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Wine:  Trollinger trocken QbA

Origin:Löwenstein, Württemberg, Germany
Alcohol:13,0 % by vol.
Bottle:750 ml
Best temperature to enjoy:15 - 18°C

Trollinger - The famous wine of Württemberg

In Germany, the late ripening Trollinger is almost solely cultivated in Württemberg. Württemberg is an area in the Southwest of Germany, in the heart of Europe. Trollinger is the same grape known as Vernatsch in Southern Tyrol, Italy. There is a long history in viticulturing Trollinger. The first Trollinger came with the Romans to Germany. Over the past centuries, this agreeable wine has become the famous wine of Württemberg.
Trollinger needs nutrient-rich soils, the best hillside sites, and abundant rainfall between blossoming and ripening.

Color and Flavor:
Trollinger wine is tile-red in color. This wine is light, fruity and ready to drink soon after the harvest ‒ it doesn´t require years of aging. Its delicate aroma hints at red currants in combination with a slight bitter almond tone in the finish.

Food and Wine Pairings:
Trollinger nicely complements hearty dishes. Naturally, Württembergers also drink their famous beverage with snacks between meals, and it is frequently served at barbecues during the summer months ‒ and if you want as a well chilled, more flavorful alternative to a rosé.

Other suggestions are

  • soups
  • salads
  • pasta, egg, rice and soy
  • pizza and sandwiches
  • variety meats
  • fowl and game birds
  • veal and rabbit
  • pork
  • sausages, ham and pâtés
  • beef
  • lamb and game
  • medium and full flavored cheese