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Wine:  Trollinger Blanc de Noir

Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal,
Württemberg, Germany

11,0 % by vol.
750 ml
Best temperature to enjoy:
8 - 11°C

Trollinger Blanc de Noir - The traditional wine of Württemberg new defined for young people

Trollinger Blanc de Noir is part of a very new line of wines called "Junge Linie". This means literally Young Line and is dedicated to the attitude to life of a young generation. This Young Line provides to you a broad diversity of taste, from a firm Dornfelder to the Traminer and Muscat.

We have selected for you the Trollinger Blanc de Noir, which is a rosé wine from the Trollinger. It is produced with the skin contact method. So there arised a wonderful pleasure for your palate.

Color and Flavor:
Trollinger Blanc de Noir has the nuances of red color of the Trollinger within a light rosé wine. It has the typical fruity note of the Trollinger with fine and elegant fruity aromas.

Food and Wine Pairings:

  • shellfish and fish
  • soups
  • salads
  • fowl
  • veal and rabbit
  • pork
  • sausages, ham and pâtés
  • mild, medium and full flavored cheese