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Wine:  Regent Noblesse trocken QbA

Löwenstein, Württemberg, Germany
13,0 % by vol.
750 ml
Best temperature to enjoy:16 - 18°C

Regent - The modern Württemberger

This new grape is very similar in character to the Lemberger. The wine is deep in color and has a moderate tannin level. Regent is planted primarily in good vineyards. It combines seductive aroma, a strong structure and a long finish like a Lemberger.

Red wines are fermented on the skins. Wines of the Noblesse line are made of selected grape material from old vine branches and are matured in wooden casks. The results are top quality wines, full-bodied and rich in extract.

Color and Flavor:
At best, the wine produced only of selected ripe fruit is harmonious, with distinct fruit aromas, a firm structure and a good finish.

Regent's color is intensive purple red with moderate acidity and tannin and unveil aromas of blueberry. This is a wine with the sanguineness of the South.

Food and Wine Pairings:
Depending on vinification and aging, Regent goes well with braised or stewed pork as well as beef served with rich, flavorful sauces. It is also perfect with spicy pasta dishes.

Other suggestions are

  • game birds
  • sausages, ham and pâtés
  • lamb and game
  • mild, medium and full flavored cheese