German Wine - An Experience Of Great Taste

October 2013: Autumn in the vineyards

June 2013: The vines are awaiting a hot summer

June 2013: Starting to get a wonderful wine

June 2013: A view over the landscape at Eberstadt

June 2013: Good for summer, a wonderful pairing is Ratatouille and a steak with the Trollinger trocken QbA by the Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal

May 2013: Wonderful flowers in the vineyards

March 2013: First work in the vineyards is done

October 2012: Ready for maturing the wines

October 2012: Dornfelder is harvested

October 2012: These grapes are ready for wonderful wines

August 2012: Wonderful grapes are ripening

August 2012: Vineyards in the afternoon sun

August 2012: In the vineyards again ... I've made a little rest in the shades of a cherry tree

August 2012: There are nice old houses

July 2012: A walk through the vineyards

The grapes are ripening ... they will be the basics in
creating the fine wines of the vintage 2012

Destination wooden cask